Change leadership and teaching to enhance teaching and learning at university

Professor Lynne Hunt

Cross-institutional planning to promote learning and teaching: an Australian case study

Look to public health policy for frameworks to implement organisational change (consider campaigns to reduce smoking in public, how can those ideas be used to create behavioural change among teachers / students?)

“Locking in the process” so that things “just happen”. Should you have to keep training new staff / students, or should it just happen because of policy?

Instead of the focus being on first years, consider focusing on third years…why?

What is the role of technology in education? Communication

Look up Australian Learning and Teaching Council and the Higher Education Academy in terms of providing access to materials and resources that might be useful to incorporate / learn from. Also, Open Courseware at University of Southern Queensland website → templates for download

What are the role of stories in teaching and learning? To provide meaning without defining it.

What do students want (are they self-aware enough to know what they want)? Is there a disconnect between that and what we give them?

Workload is important to give academics time to focus on the job of teaching. Can we cut out modules that aren't necessary and focus on what is?

The context must be right for teaching / learning to happen, it doesn't necessarily have to start with actual teaching (institutional policy). Work closely with IOP and teaching andleanring policy documents i.e. when the curriculum is aligned with the bigger picture, better teaching and learning “will happen”

Geoff Scott (2005) - Accessing the student voice

  • Qualitative data never analysed in programmes in Australia
  • What do students want?
  • Course design matters, students want structure
  • Assessment matters (most?)
  • Learning methods matter
  • Student support matters. You can't teach effectively if you're not backed up
  • Students motivation matters…how is this relevant to their futures? How is this programme distinctive, what sets it apart positively from another programme?

We forget that we can influence the direction change in students lives. This is about affirming relationships between staff and students, not about content. Feedback is important in establishing relationships.

Michael Fullan (2002) - what is the big and small picture in higher education?

It's better to go ahead and just do something, rather than ask permission and get nowhere. “Self-archive” my own articles and PhD proposal? Set up own structures instead of trying to get others to change.

What is the incentive to participate in change? For students and teachers?

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