Continuing Professional Development

Keep track of the CPD activities undertaken, including dates and events, and commenting on the main learning outcomes achieved.

Conferences, workshops, lectures and seminars


  • Departmental writing retreat: 11-13 June
  • Presentation on PhD progress (“Blended learning in clinical education”): UWC Innovations in Teaching and Learning colloquium, 04 June
  • Extended Curriculum Programme writing retreat: Mont Fleur, 28-30 May (completed and submitted “A theoretical approach to technology-mediated teaching and learning in medical education”)
  • “Graduate attributes” writing retreat: 21-22 May (completed graduate attributes for all undergraduate modules)
  • PLE faculty presentation - Cape Higher Education Consortium Emerging Technologies course, 16 May
  • VLIR writing retreat - 2-4 April (completed full draft of “Beyond knowledge and skills: The use of a Delphi study to develop innovative teaching practices in a blended learning module” article)
  • Facilitator T&L induction retreat - Mont Fleur, 18-20 March
  • Facilitator / Faculty member SAFRI: Newlands, 27 February - 7 March





  • Teaching and learning workshop, Community and Health Sciences Faculty, UWC (28 August)
  • Attended the World Wide Web applications conference at the University of Cape Town. Presentations related to e-learning (September)
  • Assessment and learning workshop, Community and Health Sciences Faculty, UWC (27 October)
  • Roundtable discussion on the Politics of representation in the digital revolution, UWC Women and Gender studies (31 October)
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