Ethics workshop - Human rights in health

Workshop presented by Dr. Neil Myburgh (my notes from the workshop)

  • Research and clinical practice should be designed to respect the dignity of patients / participants.
  • To what extent are human rights in health still an issue in South Africa?
  • Justice in the distribution of resources is a huge problem in South Africa. This is linked to inequity. How does policy / practice influence this?
  • Consider buying ”An ambulance of the wrong colour” - may be useful for creating cases / examples to discuss in class
  • How do personal value systems affect the resolution of ethical dilemmas?
  • Dual loyalty challenges the primary loyalty to the patient
  • Download guidelines for ethical practice in research from SAMRC, HPCSA, NIH, CIOMS
  • deontological” - relating to rights and duties
  • “consequentialism” = utilitarianism (opposed to a rights-based approach)
  • Cultural context is important in research
  • As researchers we must increase the emphasis on ethics in research, especially as it relates to the exploitation of vulnerable groups
  • Why is most research (especially drug trials) conducted on populations with diseases that are of interest to developed nations (e.g. hypertension)? Where is the research for malaria / diarrhea?
  • Review Emmanuel et al benchmarks for the “core” of research. Described as the common ground between biomedical and social sciences
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