Geekretreat: Changing education and the internet in South Africa

Here are the details that are aggregated on my blog.

Here are some points I took during Dave Duarte's presentation on giving better presentations:

  • Use a simple structure
  • Know your stuff
  • Be yourself
  • Structure your content
  • Present with style
  • What makes you as a presenter stand out?
  • Put yourself out there in free forums e.g. barcamps
  • The audience don't care about you, they care about your message
  • Know the room, walk around it to see how the audience perceives you
  • Make eye contact
  • Be sincere, not flashy
  • Structure your content, tell stories, use emotion
  • Name,explain and give examples of concepts
  • Be quotable
  • Use props if possible
  • Get someone else to demo something so that you can explain while the demo proceeds
  • Use humour

I also started thinking about using software development methodologies as a framework to guide the projects that I'm involved with. I think that a structured approach would serve me better than the ad hoc approach I use now, and the concepts I came across at Geekretreat seem like they could be modified to suit my needs.

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