Document analysis (objective 2a)

The purpose of this objective is to determine the curriculum alignment using document analysis as a method. The process I will be following is: Objectives to be completed during 2011

  1. Gather all relevant information from department stakeholders:
    1. Module descriptors (contains learning outcomes, assessment methods, credit values, basic content overview, teaching methods)
    2. Assessment tasks (assignments, test papers, exam papers, practical worksheets)
    3. Course readers (layout, headings, page numbers, content covered)
    4. HPCSA policy on professional outcomes
    5. UWC graduate attribute policy
    6. UWC assessment policy
    7. SASP policy
    8. HEQF exit level outcomes
  2. Determine if our departmental objectives / outlines (i.e. our curriculum) is aligned with our professional objectives / outcomes
  3. Design 2 data capture forms:
    1. Policies that should inform the curriculum
    2. Determine if curriculum is actually based on policy (Is it possible to use the new module descriptor template as the data capture sheet, or is it too detailed? What information am I looking to capture?)
    3. Pilot the forms using external documentation

An overview of the curriculum

  1. Determine if modules are constructively aligned
  2. Identify a set of modules that are appropriate to be adapted to a blended approach

The set of modules that is the outcome of this objective will be used as a starting point for the Delphi study that will seek to determine the most appropriate module to be developed.

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